Tim Rashid

It all began with metal.

Metallica’s "Cliff 'em all" video was the reason, Tim Rashid started to play bass guitar.  Shortly afterwards he played his first shows with a thrash metal band he had with some schoolmates.

Over the years Tim got his teeth into various musical styles where as there always was a connection to rock music. From 1997 to 2003 he studied bass guitar and as secondary subject upright bass in Arnhem/NL. Soon after he played with the drum’n’bass band N.O.H.A. many club and festival shows all over Europe.

2011 he left the band and founded the Downbeat/Trip Hop duo Spheroid together with singer Melody Awuah. Furthermore he plays with various lineups, such as Xaver Fischer Trio, Birth Control, Ees, Lax Alex Contrax, Chris Vega Band and many more.

2017 Victor Smolski was suddenly on the phone. One jam session later Tim and Zacky were part of ALMANAC’s new rhythm section. Back to metal in a round-about way!

Besides being a musician, Tim is a passionate sport climber and works avocationally as a climbing coach.

Fun fact: Jeannette and Tim went to the same school for 3 years and did their A levels together.

In 2017 Tim became bass player of the band ALMANAC, which was founded by Victor Smolski in the beginning of 2015.

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