Jeannette Marchewka

always knew exactly what she wanted to do - she wanted to´make music.

I was 2 years old, when my mother (who is a piano teacher) watched a classical concert on television. Mesmerized I stood in front of the TV set and tried to pick the violinist out of the screen. That was it for me: I was in love. I absolutely needed "one of those". Having indured one full year of my toddler-whining and pestering and not knowing how to help herself anymore, she gave in and bought me a violin - meant as a toy. Overjoyed I packed my new treasure, threw my shiny new violin case over my shoulder, put on my jacket and asked her hopefully and full of expectation: "Are we going to violin class now?" (Yes. At this point I admit that mothers don't always have it very easy.)

I was 3 years old when my mother "finally" registered me at the "Rheinische Musikschule" for violin classes. Piano lessons were soon to follow (as my original plan was to become an organist, so I would only have to work on sundays ;) ...). What came next was attending a secondary school with an extra "music wing", which allowed me to take advanced music classes in the afternoons including voice and aural training, rythm, dance, harmonics, choirs and band practices.I was 12 years old when I sang my first solo- and choir performances at the Cologne Philarmonic Hall: Bach's St. Matthew Passion, Orpheus in the Underworld with Sir Peter Ustinov, Wildschütz, etc.

My voice and phonation teacher encouraged and supported me a lot. He kept calling my mother, telling her I just needed to sing. So thus it happened that at age 16 I changed my "instrument" and switched from violin lessons to classical singing lessons. And even though my singing education was a classical one, I kept singing in Pop bands, performed in Musical productions and even had the opportunity to gain experience with studio recordings during my school years, where I sang various commercial jingles and participated in many CD productions (BMG, Sony Music, MediaTon, Freetime Music,…)

After two years of studying musicology at the University of Cologne I began my studies of classical opera singing at the "Hochschule für Musik und Tanz" Department Wuppertal. During this time the Girlgroup Popband "Deeva" was founded, and what followed was two years of touring across Germany and having a Single in the Charts.(Sony/Epic, X-Cell Records) Even before I finished my degree as a music educator I began teaching Pop Singing at two music schools as well as privately.


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